What You Shouldn’t Do Before Quitting Your Job

By on December 26, 2013
Quit your job

So, you hate your job. Your boss is terrible. Your co-workers are crude and self-serving. You’re fed up, and you’re going to quit. But before you quit, you’re going to let everyone know just how you feel…

But hang on a second. Take a deep breath. Wanting to let it all out just before you quit is a common feeling, but it’s very important to realize that there are repercussions involved in this kind of behavior. Here are a few things definitely not to do before you leave an unwanted job.

1. Tell Your Boss How You Really Feel

Some truly memorable television and cinema has been made out of people giving a great tell-off to a hated boss, and that feeling has got to be pretty good. But that feeling is fleeting, and what you’ll be left with is a person in a prominent position in business who thinks, at best, that you’re petty, and at worst that you’re a terrible worker.

That boss probably has friends who are bosses at other companies. You’ll never get a reference (see below), and you’ve burned that bridge forever. Is that worth it for a fleeting moment of glory?

2. Tell Your Co-Workers How You Really Feel

This temptation is strong, and you probably think “I’ll never see these people again. I ought to give them a piece of my mind.” This is how bad decisions are made, and how bad karma is generated. The next thing you know, you’ll be hunting for that dream job a few years down the line and you’ll show up to the interview to see – that old co-worker.

Do you get that dream job? No, you do not. Be gracious, and let the good karma work in your favor, not the bad.

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  • T_T ☺

    you tell you boss, your boss points to the door.
    you tell you co-workers but they’re tired of hearing you complain. after all, your co-workers know how to suck up to you boss.
    great free advice….I guess that’s what you get if it’s free and with only two suggestions.