What You Shouldn’t Do Before Quitting Your Job

By on December 26, 2013
Quit your job

3. Fail to Give Notice

Quitting without proper notice is a surefire way to get on the wrong side of your now-former employer’s good graces. Standard proper notice is two weeks, though some employment contracts have specific stipulations about how much notice you should give.

Make sure you give proper notice in order to get the best reference down the road (see below), but also to uphold your own sense of decency and propriety.

4. Fail to Ask For a Reference

Quitting with class will get you a long way toward getting a good reference from this employer, but you have to remember to ask for it.

In the email age this is not quite as big a deal, as you can always get a reference emailed your way, but shaking hands with your soon-to-be-ex-boss, looking them straight in the eye, telling them it was a pleasure working with them, and asking them for a reference makes you look like a winner.

Given that that will be the last impression your boss has of you, don’t be surprised if the reference looks even better than you thought it might.

What mistakes have you made before quitting a job? Share with us in the comments.

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  • T_T ☺

    you tell you boss, your boss points to the door.
    you tell you co-workers but they’re tired of hearing you complain. after all, your co-workers know how to suck up to you boss.
    great free advice….I guess that’s what you get if it’s free and with only two suggestions.