Interactive Infographic: Which Career is Right for You?

By on June 20, 2013

Choosing the career that is right for you is no small feat. Especially given the current state of affairs in our economy, many people are finding that it is wiser to forgo their dreams in favor of selecting a career that has the opportunity and capacity for growth over the next ten to twenty years.

Despite the knowledge that choosing a career that will grow with you is the best thing you can possibly do in this economic environment, the actual process of selecting your career can be daunting.

Rasmussen College has created an interactive infographic that could help you make a decision about which career you should choose. Though the graph itself might be a little overwhelming when you first look at it, there are plenty of tools included that allow you to make the graph more useful in your quest to plan the ideal career.

The graph is a collection of color-coded dots that hover over a graph. The X access represents the total number of people employed in a given occupation as of 2011 and the Y access charts the median annual salary in 2011.

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