Why Being Negative Can Be Good For You

By on August 13, 2013

Since childhood, we’ve been taught that positive thinking is the key to happiness. However, as studies are showing, being negative can sometimes be a good thing. Negativity is not always equivalent to pessimism and being honest about the negative aspects of your life gives you a more realistic outlook that can increase your overall health and even translate into financial success.

A healthy amount of negativity is actually beneficial for you, especially as a young person finding his or her place in the world.

It’s Honest

The most important reason why it’s okay to be a little negative sometimes is simple: honesty. Negative things do happen and being honest about them is the best way to consider what went wrong and move forward rather than tricking your mind and dwelling on the past.

For example, if you lose your job, that is obviously a negative circumstance. While some may advise you to think positively, being negative enables you to be honest with yourself about the situation and create a plan to move on with your career goals.

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