Infographic: Why Bike to Work

By on June 20, 2013

Even though bike to work week is over and done with for the year, biking to work is something you should consider doing year round. This infographic visualizes why we should all consider biking to work.


As the top section notes, biking to work has a number of fantastic health benefits. People who bike to work tend to have lower blood pressure and more optimal levels of important substances in their blood. Furthermore, biking to work makes the cyclists better sleepers who report feeling less tired throughout the day. Most importantly, professionals who bike to work feel better about themselves and more fulfilled with their lives.

Of course, everyone knows that increased physical activity leads to an increase in calories burned, but this infographic illustrates that you can burn between 215 and 500 calories during a thirty-minute bike commute to work. It shows that for a 10 mph ride (the average speed for bike commuters), a person who weighs 200 pounds can burn about 285 calories while getting to work. Of course, if you live somewhere with hills and other obstacles, you can expect your number of calories burned to increase accordingly.

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